Single Use / Disposable (FS-D)

  • 5 mil high clarity PET or “Poly Film”
  • Soft open cell brow foam
  • Fixed position elastic strap

NOTE:  Open cell foam cannot be cleaned to any standard and is considered disposable after use.

  • Preformed closed-cell foam brow arch
  • No air gap between shield and foam
  • Clearance for most glasses/face mask
  • 100% washable (including foam)
  • Total height of 9″ reaches below chin
  • Side coverage to 1″ beyond eye-line
  • 18″ latex-free elastic band with clips
  • 7-10 mil high clarity PET or “Poly Film”

Reusable face shields can be cleaned and sterilized.

Face shields should be considered “clean but not sterile” upon delivery.